National Integrity Framework

On 8 October 2022, the Australian Jujitsu Federation in partnership with Sport Integrity Australia has adopted the National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies. Accordingly, as a member school, all those training at Box Hill Jiu Jitsu are asked to familiarise themselves with the National Integrity Framework and in particular the Prohibited Conduct contained within each policy. Please refer to the information on the following webpage on the AJF website: -


In addition to the new policies associated with adoption of the National Integrity Framework, Australian Jujitsu Federation have also adopted a new independent complaint handling process. This means that all members can raise any integrity concerns directly to Sport Integrity Australia, who will independently review each complaint and make any disciplinary decisions.

If you have a concern or complaint about an incident occurring on or after 27 October 2022, as relates to an matter contrary to the National Integrity Framework, you can submit your complaint directly to Sport Integrity Australia by calling 13 000 27232 or use their webform: -

Australian Jujitsu Federation will continue to manage all other complaints unrelated to its sports integrity policies.